Kendall Jenner On The Runway

Here are some new pictures of Kendall Jenner on the runway…. she walked at the Marc Jacobs runway show yesterday (Thursday, Sept 11th 2014) during New York Fashion Week, looking pretty good actually:

Kendall Jenner on the runway 2

Kendall Jenner on the runway

This is a very interesting look for her.

Kendall made news a couple of weeks ago when she claimed that she wanted to drop the “Jenner” from her last name and distance herself from her reality show family.

Only problem is, the show and family is what made her.  Not to say she isn’t a good model because clearly she is doing something right to get these kind of shows at all.

But one can’t really blame her for wanting to distance herself from the ‘family’.  Although it’s probably another ratings ploy, like that other story about her was (the waitress thing).

Kendall Jenner on the runway

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