Nicky Hilton at Craigs Restaurant in West Hollywood 7-31-2014 0

New Nicky Hilton Pictures

Heiress Nicky Hilton used to be a darling of the skinny celebrity blogs.  She was ultra-skinny with pin-thin legs and was often photographed by the paps simply walking down the trendy streets of LA.  Anyway, here are a couple of new pictures of her leaving Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood...

Girl Eating Salad 0

One Anonymous Skinny Girl’s Detailed Diet Plan

Here’s a feature that we hope to start running regularly!  An anonymous real-life friend who we will call Cindy Smith has generously shared her detailed diet plan with this website.  Cindy is 5’11, 110 pounds, 25 years old and is currently residing in Brentwood, CA.  Cindy is not a model,...

Candice Swanepoel leaving photo shoot in NYC-1 0

New Candice Swanepoel Candids

Here are some new pictures of  Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel leaving a Michael Kors charity fashion shoot in New York City on Wednesday (July 30th, 2014). She was being photographed for the ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ charity project along with fellow models Lily Aldridge (pictured below) and Chrissy Teigen.  ...

Taylor Swift in New York 1

Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Long Legs

Only someone with Taylor Swift’s long, lean figure would look as good as she does in a short horizontal-striped dress.  She managed to pull off the look quite admirably as she was out running errands in New York City earlier today (July 31st 2014): Not a fan of the lipstick,...

fruits-and-veggies-main 0

How To Start A Fruit & Veggie Diet

Perhaps you want to eat more fruits and vegetables… perhaps you want to go on a fruit and veggie cleanse… or perhaps you just want to make fruits and vegetables the main bulk of your diet.  In any case, here are some great tips to get started. 1. To begin...

Kristin Cavallari Is Fit and Toned 0

Kristin Cavallari Is Fit & Toned

Former reality TV personality Kristin Cavallari didn’t waste any time whipping herself into shape after giving birth to her second child Jax in May of this year.  According to reports, she started her workout regime a mere three weeks after giving birth.  She does four or five 45-minute workouts at...

1-healthy-raw-green-food-selection-on-white 1

The Secret Green & White Diet Of The Fashion Industry

If you are looking for a diet that will quickly release inches from your waistline and obliterate your appetite in the process, look no further… the chic and unofficial Green & White Diet is one that a lot of celebrities, models and socialites use to retain their ultra-thin and bony...

nutella 1

The Nutella Mono Diet

Nobody knows exactly why, but Nutella has become a household name here in the USA (after being super popular for many years in Europe).  It’s known to be extremely delicious.  Commercials claim that Nutella is a nutritious spread to put on your toast in the morning.  I have my doubts...

Magdalena_Frackowiak_-_Victorias_Secret_Photoshoots_029 0

Photos Of Magdalena Frackowiak

There’s no denying it: Victoria’s Secret model Magdalena Frackowiak is gorgeous.  It seems like she cannot take a bad picture… the girl is stunning in every photo I’ve seen her in. Here are some pictures of this super-thin goddess: +1   

Megan Fox Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premiere 0

Has Megan Fox Lost All Her Baby Weight?

Actress Megan Fox showed off her stunning figure last night (Tuesday, July 29th 2014) in a sparkly tight short dress at the Latin American premiere of her new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The premiere was held at Cinepolis Acoxpa in Mexico City, Mexico. It’s only been just over five...